Sunday, June 29, 2008

Good Food Healthy Serving Of Errtang!!

Music in the OTHER Park June 26 2008 was
Oldies Funk and R&B
Free Live
Music and Art
Paint open for the public
Little Girl with Wings getting down....

Speaking of Wings.....
B's Bomb Ass Wings!!
If you haven't had these wings.. then you haven't had wings!!

Came across an ill piece done by Sam Flores
it's a Wiger.. Get it!?

Download: Kanye West - The Stalker Song (Never Lettin’ Go) (Unreleased)
Download: Kanye - Gotta Pose
Download: Gym Class Heros Feat. The Dream - Cookie Jar
Download: Lupe Fiasco “Where Do I Go” (Produced by DJ Marbll)
Download: Lupe Fiasco “Mass Appeal (Freestyle)”
Download: Kenna - Black Goodbye Ride
Download: Common - Annoucement feat. Pharrell

Hope you guys are full from Errtang!!

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