Friday, April 23, 2010

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Gloria's Burritos "Home of the Best Burritos"

Gloria's Burritos
"Home of the Best Burritos"

After months of passing by this place I finally gave it a chance..
Thanks to Foursquare that is.. Wanted to get that explorer badge!!

So reason why it wasn't the greatest is cause
i'm not a big fan of wet burritos, also the carne asada
was little bland and rubbery!

The chips and salsa was a hit though!!

If you haven't heard of foursquare be sure to check it out..

Monday, April 12, 2010

Weekend Fun!!

A Restless Weekend
So much Fun!!

2010-04-09 B Bar
B Bar with Good Company

2010-04-10 Alpine Meadows

Christian straight smashing on everyone!!

and then after boarding went to

2010-04-11 4 Hour Giants Rain Delay!!

Panda's Game Sealing Blast to Right Field
Thank You Baseball Gods for Holding the Rain till the last Pitch!!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Rice and Fries.. oooh how much i missed you

Easter Sunday
was everything I hoped for..

Home cooked food and of course
FRIES!! and RICE!!


My snack while the sister practices
Late Lunch Carne Asada Fries!!
Dinner BBQ

The following day just ran around
Salinas for some drinks and eats

Super Pollo Taqueria
Rollicks Specialty Coffee
(photo by Kim H.)

Kokoro Sushi
Tapioca Delight

Click on the linkies for my
yelp reviews or others yelp reviews

Thursday, April 1, 2010

New Years Resolutions: Re-Visited

My New Years Resolutions Re-Visited

1. Take More Pictures
-Random Pictures

-Event Pictures
2010-03-07 Sierra At Tahoe

2010-03-17 St. Pats Day at The Irish Bank
2010-03-14 Northstar

Need to keep shooting!!

2. Cook More

-Filipino Food
-Healthy Food

Not a complete Fail
I think I have to spend more time at
home in order for me to cook filipino food
I want to be sure I make the food that my parents make

3. Develop Good Habits
-Situp and Push-ups in the morning
-Do Laundry on a Weekly Basis
-Stop cussing
-Keep Apt. Clean
+Cook more Eat out less

I Feel like I can always keep adding things here
as I go month from month

4. Exercise More

-Loose 15 lbs.
-Get a Six Pack
-Ride Bike more
+Play more ball
I need to update this later.. haven't done my weigh in but this was as of Jan.
Ok so I haven't hit the scale for three months
Really really need to get an update for this!!

5. Be Productive

-Less Naps and Video Games
-No Naps
-Consistently be active
-Write more yelp reviews
-7x7 get at least 30% this year.
+More active on Foursquare

I fell like I can add on to this as I go month to month as well

Well Catch you on the next Month!!