Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Busy Busy Busy..

I thought last month was a busy month with errtang going on..
but as this month is really picking up..

Picked up that new Gym Class Heroes last week
not bad of an album little bit of everything in it..
little bit more music inclined this time around..
less creative quirky fun songs..
Gym Class Heroes feat. Dre & Lil Wayne - “Don’t Tell Me It’s Over”
here's a little something you will here from the album..
but on the album they remove Lil Weezy..

Also Watched an A's game last friday..
highlights must had to be the garlic fries
and the dumbasses fighting over a foul ball..
oO and it was free!!

Sunday had a little picnic and strolled down
San Jose Heritage Rose Garden

Just today picked up that new Raphael Saadiq
Real great music here.. unfortunately the songs are bit short..
but none the less you can sit through and listen to the whole album..

Then this coming weekend I will be at the
Reignforest Collective Event

Going back to the 831derful for this weekend
i get to spend some time with the boys from "the famileee:
damn that's old school!!

Going to take my baby Hailey to Monterey

Tuesday the 23 is Giants Filipino Heritage Night 2

Then i'm Vegas Bound at the End of the Month!!

That will make up for the days I wasn't able to blog..
was doing so well in this month with a blog errday..
but everything had to pile up.. well hope to see you all..
with all the upcoming festivities..

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