Tuesday, March 2, 2010

New Years Resolutions: Re-Visited

My New Years Resolutions Re-Visited

1. Take More Pictures
-Random Pictures

-Event Pictures
2010-02-08 Debbie's Birthday
02-14-2010 Valentine's Day Pillow Fight
02-21-2010 Snowboard Sesh
02-27-2010 Ferolino Feburary Birthdays

Need to keep shooting!!

2. Cook More

-Filipino Food
-Healthy Food
Not a complete Fail
Need to focus on making
meals like pictured aboved

3. Develop Good Habits
-Situp and Push-ups in the morning
-Do Laundry on a Weekly Basis
+Stop cussing
+Keep Apt. Clean

I Feel like I can always keep adding things here
as I go month from month

4. Exercise More

-Loose 15 lbs.
-Get a Six Pack
+Ride Bike more
I need to update this later.. haven't done my weigh in but this was as of Jan.
Ok so I haven't hit the scale for two months
But I have a great feeling that its going to be BAD!!
Really need to get an update for this!!

5. Be Productive

-Less Naps and Video Games
+No Naps
-Consistently be active
-Write more yelp reviews
You can find my Yelp reviews here on my blogspot now..

+7x7 get at least 30% this year.
The Big Eat 2010 Scavenger Hunt

Knocked off two last month:
I fell like I can add on to this as I go month to month as well

Well Catch you on the next Month!!

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