Monday, May 18, 2009

A year later..

So it's been a year later.. after a quarter century..

The Quarter Century Anniversary!!

Finished a little slow at the end.. but i have lots in store for everyone..
Starting with some photo albums..

Sactown BBQ

Japantown Cherry Blossom Festival

Dj Neil Armstrong at Poleng

Bay 2 Breakers!Thanks for the people that came out to celebrate my birthday
and for all the people that couldn't make it.. we're doing it again next year!!
Also want to thank everyone that called, left me a message, texted,
twitted, facebooked, myspaced, friendster, or however you did it..

Also for the Orlando Magic and my boy RAFER..

The Lakers and the MACHINE
for pulling off a win for my birthday..


please stay tuned for more...

1 comment:

Gene Miguel - Hoodscope said...

great albums! happy birthday again!