Friday, July 10, 2009

Follow Friday!


the latest member of the Lakeshow!!
ok so what if i started following him cause he's a Laker now but..
this guy is crazy.. like i thought he was crazy but his tweets tell it all!!

"I told Luke Walton I'd show him where to get a grill
if he tells me wtf a croc is & how the hell
you wear that ish on your feet."

don't be hatin on Mexican and callin it not a language.
Ronald-o Artest-o be fluent-o in that shit-o."

Ginobili's baldspot. that ish is growing faster than Shaq's waistline.
Guess there ain't a Mexican word for "rogaine""

I think Lamar is going to sign.
I already bought a candy machine
and set it up by his locker.

I see Bosh has a record deal.
Can't wait for it to come out so everyone gets a chance to NOT buy it."


Shaq is so old his bible don't have the New Testament in it."

Shaq is so old he played with the raptors...
in the Jurassic League. Dude was posting up
cavemen and guarding T-Rexs."

"Shaq is so old his 1st contract was
chiseled like the 10 Commandments.
Thou shalt rebound!
Thou shalt score!
Thou shalt get 1 million!"

Thou Shalt Let Younger, More Talented Player
Win U A Ring Then U Take The Credit.

Thou shalt make terrible movies
like the one where you were a gigantic Genie.

Thou shalt be crosseyed and speak in monotone.

Thou Shalt Not Make Free Throws.

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