Sunday, August 24, 2008


"Summer Time In The LBC MPC"

The plan was to go to the gorge in Big Sur to jump off cliffs into the water
After being denied entrance to the gorge and distracted
by the big wet booty girl that changed in front of us
we tried to find salmon creek further down big sur
after driving for half an hour we stopped and tried to get directions
found out salmon creek was another 45 miles away.. so we decided to go back..
went back to go to Andrew Molera beach which
we had a small hike and a "river" to cross to get to the beach
got the beach and found a bunch of little
huts and structures made out of drift wood
settled down and wiped out the party kit
straight chilled and BSed on a big bench made of drift wood
the water was straight cold
headed back home and enjoyed the scenery
a guaranteed must to stop by the Warf

That's how a Sunday should be done in the 831!

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