Monday, August 4, 2008

Updated Photo Album..

Monterey Beer Festival
Beerfest was sick!! it sold out like 15 mins after we got in line luckily we always seem to get ourselves out of these situations to enjoy!
skimpy beer mugs, keg stands, mad people I haven't seen for a hot one, choke holds, the girl on the cell phone, led key chains, 831 magazine, beer bong, live performances, the girl that thought I was with a magazine, drunk people, jon rubbing his pelvis on everyone, meeting new people.. oO yea and BEER!!!

The Beer that I feel in love with was the
Paulaner Salvator

Chillaxin with the cousins

So errtime i'm in the 1derful.. i always chill with the cuzzo's so like any typical night we just cruise main st. and chill where ever.. this time around we hit up KOHLS and THE MOST PIMPED OUT MCDONALDS i have been in.. this McD's had 4 52 inch flat screen T.V.'s, Xbox, Dance Dance Revolution, Touch Screen Interactive game display, Indoor Basketball Hoop, Two player bike game, and it looked hella clean and nice inside... WoW!! Salinas is coming up!!!

Gilroy Garlic Festival

The Gilroy Garlic Festival.. or should I say the hottest festival ever!! The festival was great but the heat sucked ass.. Started our day with beer since it was hot!! It was a freaking process to get a beer.. 3 steps.. first you need an ID check to get wrist band.. then go to the ticket line to get beer tickets.. and finally you go to the beer booth and they give you your beer.. Craziness after we ate.. had some calamari, stuffed mushrooms, and of course garlic fries. Then came the good stuff.. we went to the first garlic ice cream spot and hit it up.. vanilla garlic ice cream was the choice but there is really nothing to rave or rant about.. it just taste like vanilla with garlic wouldn't say its good but we finished it.. did some more walking and the place is huge.. 3 different stages with performances, rock climbing, cook-offs, garlic pick competition, rain rooms, vendors, and the fruit freeze was on point.

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