Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Taco Adventures Pt. II

The search for the best taco continues.. this time around..
off the corner of Alma and Sonoma. Another sit down and eat type joint.. place was more lively than the other with a small bar area and a juke box.. had a few people at the bar that happily fed the juke box to keep the music coming.. had a few T.V's at this place too with once again futbol playing!!
Once again the usual order of Asada and Chicken
Review: Asada Taco was actually a Super Taco which came with pinto bean and sour cream different but with the bean but was not that bad at all.
Chicken Taco on the other hand was dry and did not even taste like chicken let alone look like it.
The Carne Asada Taco would be the best bet here at Aztecas and just go with the regular taco over the super taco.
Price for tacos: $1.69 for regular $3.89 for super

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Another hit from Travie's Mixtape Enjoy!!

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