Thursday, August 21, 2008

Taco Adventures Pt.III

This Taco Adventure is going to be one of the
most adventures one thus far.. the place is called
El Rancho Liquors Taqueria
yes this place is actually a Liquor store
and it has a little taqueria in which you can order
a view items like burritos and tacos!
Place is off alma in between Almaden and Vine
There is a tiny area where you can eat
which is basicly bar like sitting situation
with a no more than 5 bar seats..
you have to order at the register and they'll give
you the tab that you give the little cooks at the side
of the liquor store and they'll whip out your food
Review: Asada was proper nothing to really complain about
Chicken was good it look like real chicken big strips of it too
sauce was a bit spicy well for me that is
other than that it was good..
Tacos: $1.75 each

Place is not bad at all coming from a little liquor store
good place to get a quick taco and it was out of the norm from
all the sit down and eat type joints we previously have gone to.
Really looking forward to other places like this. Might be the taco
spot for me since it is the closest and fastest way to get a taco.
Also it is open later than the others just in case I get
a late night taco attack *Late night for me would be 10ish

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